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Colourful Han

Red Cow Bag

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If this product has multiple colour options please select the name of a colour below to see the matching picture before placing an order.


All Bags are 100% Australian made. Bags are hand cut so size may very slightly. Made form truck grade vinyl, and clear protective plastic covering pattern fabric on both sides of the bag.

Available in:

Size A Small Toiletry (24L x 13W x 13H) with one wrist strap.

Size B Large Toiletry (30L x 15W x 22H) with handles on both sides.

Size C Weekend bag (50L X 21W X 22H) with handles on both sides.

    Size D One Week (66L x 30W x 30H) with handles on both sides.

(Measurements are in centimetres)

The attached picture is a size B bag.